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  • An Introduction to Enterprise Risk Management (72 p.,only available as pdf-file, delivered by Email)

An Introduction to Enterprise Risk Management (72 p.,only available as pdf-file, delivered by Email)

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This publication comprises the only world-wide authorized English translation of the book, “En introduktion till organisationsövergripande riskhantering” that I published 2012 under PwC Sweden trademark, published in Swedish by Studentlittatur (www.studentlitteratur.se).

Risk management has over the past years become a prioritized topic on the agendas of politics and economy. Business leaders state that their business environment has become more and more volatile and uncertain and that this uncertainty needs to be handled in a different way than before. At the same time, organizations struggle with finding the right way to most effectively identify, assess, manage and report risks to ensure the achievement of business objectives.

This book with its slim format highlights from a business perspective what organizations can gain from a systematic approach to risk and risk management. Grounded on standard frameworks for Enterprise Risk Management ERM, the book describes success factors for realizing the benefits from systematic risk management, and –based on my long international experience in this field - presents a practical working model including easy-to-use tools and methods for getting there.

The book gives the reader both knowledge and inspiration in the field of ERM, no matter if the readers are experienced risk managers who are seeking the next step in their risk work, board members who want to make themselves familiar with the topic and applicable methods, or students who are looking for an easy-reading introduction to risk management before diving deeper into specific areas with the help of other sources of knowledge.

Please note that this publication is only available in electronic format via my homepage (www.goodgovernance.se). The Swedish original is only available in a printed version and can be purchased via www.studentlitteratur.se or other online bookstores.

Happy reading!
Ansgar Toscha

Table of Contents

Foreword to this English edition
Why this book?
The author
1 What are the benefits of systematic risk management?
1.1 What does the Board of Directors gain from an enterprise risk management process?

2 Key laws and regulations concerning risk management
2.1 The role of risk management in good corporate governance
2.2 The Swedish Corporate Governance Code

3 The most important risk management frameworks
3.1 Enterprise risk management according to COSO
3.2 COSO ERM's basic model
3.3 Enterprise risk management as a closed loop

4 Implementation of a common risk management process - one possible working model
4.1 Success factors
4.2 Seven steps to get started - one possible working model

5 Specific risk areas
5.1 Sustainability risks, by Fredrik Franke and Cecilia Vaverka, PwC
5.2 Supply chain risks, by Magnus Lundell, PwC
5.3 Global risks and the role of risk indicators
5.4 Compliance risks